The Company

P3 Distributing was founded in 2016 by Father and Son partners and has grown with its customers in Cannabis to become Oregon’s only 100% local supply company for the industry that has given it’s staff so much.

We are long term medical patients, growers, recreational customers, and experts in compliance under the OLCC.

Our company is Oregon born and focuses solely on the Oregon Market.

The Team

Zach Bohnas

Account Manager - South PDX, Salem, Eugene, Corvallis

Zach has spent time as a retail manager and farm representative bringing you a vertically integrated perspective on compliance and packaging.

A hiker and dog lover Zach has traveled from Lincoln to Baker and Clatsop to Jackson meeting and learning.

Zach loves the road and enjoys bringing our products and service to new locations and environments.. His focus on long term partnerships helps P3 and its collective grow.

Murry Berry

Account Manager - PDX SE

With years of cultivation experience Murry joined P3 as a man of the plant. Working from his broad cannabis foundation he strives to combine strong work ethic and passion to provide the level of service our customers are fond of.

This Dog lover, DJ, Grower and all around cannabis extraordinaire is most excited by helping to grow P3 and expand on his green experience.

P.S. He doesn’t smoke mids

Patrick Caldwell


Account Manager - Coast

As a medical patient Patrick joined the industry in 2014. Having worked in jewelry packaging and industrial sales Patrick brought skills and a passion for customer service that drives him each day.

Combining his sales experience with that of his team Patrick works to build a company with successful clients and employees.

Patrick loves our American made products and the strong relationships he works to strengthen 7 days per week

Steven Gunn

Account Manager - West/NW PDX

Steven comes from a long history of work in relationship management. Using his powerful work ethic

As a big fan his home town Crimson Tide the championship this year may have been hard on his soul. This passion for competitive teamwork however, has built skills that Steven uses every day to build his clients up to help them win the cannabis game.

With P3 Steven’s knowledge and experience allows him to do what he loves every day building long term relationships that lead to the success of his customers.

Riley Hunter

Division Manager - P3 Recycling

Riley is a farmer with more chickens, goats and pigs than a Portland Hipster can shake a growler at. With years of cannabis experience and a passion for community Riley lifts the energy of others to new heights.

P3 Recycling was just a budding idea when Riley took over what has become it’s own division. Our clients can now recycle their plastic bottles at any P3 Recycling member business.

With a heart from East county Riley loves that he has the opportunity to help clean up the oceans and help grow our local industry.