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Tired of throwing your Pop - Tops in the garbage?

What are you doing about it?

P3 Distributing and its partners process your plastics locally. With our proprietary system we prepare your used bottles to give them another life!

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Our Massive Communal Problem

Having grown up in Portland, Oregon with a “master recycler” for a mother I have been astounded by the truth behind the “recycling problem.” While sorting parties with my family at the local center were always joyous my eyes have been opened since the beginnings of P3.

What happens to my recyclables after they leave my curb? Much of our recyclables are sent “to places such as Malaysia and Vietnam, where there are insufficient checks to ensure this material is actually recycled.”

What is “contaminated” recycling?

After March of last year China has stopped importing paper and plastic waste as well as auto parts and upwards of 40 different commodity items and, according to Reuters, “China eventually aims to block all imports that have readily available domestic replacements”

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Cannabis businesses having been mandated by statute legally must use certified child resistant packaging and “Child resistant packaging is invariably made from plastic or has a high plastic content.”

As Oregon’s local supplier of child resistant packaging P3 sought to find its own solution to the plastics problem. Over the last two years we have worked with local government and private groups to perfect our recycling system.

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